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Ms Access 2022


Microsoft Access Custom Software Development

We are a software house specializing in building and developing software in Ms Access-based , for private and business customers, we offer a wide range of services, from business  management and Manufacturing plant management . The software we develop is user-friendly and easy to use . The software that we develop in the Ms Access are characterized by a specially high level,  and include integration                                                                 with Other Microsoft software Learn more …

In addition to developing in Ms Access , our software house also provides upgrade and update services for existing Access applications, adding new capabilities and converting to new versions of Access.

The experience we have gained with many customers, from many and varied businesses, allows us to identify the exact customer needs and develop a solution that is perfectly tailored to the customer's requirement in a short period of time. understanding of the scope of the project, and customer needs allows us to provide excellent service at an low-cost price.


? What is Ms Access-ERP

We are integrating two of our strong capabilities into a single offering.

More than 25 years of experience and understanding of working methods in various businesses, as well as industrial  plants.

we have extensive experience with the Access platform, which is easy to program and integrates well with other Microsoft software

Our software includes many models used by manufacturing plant companies   Learn more …

An Internet browser or local network can be used for a hybrid installation Learn more …

A hybrid installation is possible by using an Internet browser or a local network  Learn more …

You can manage your business more efficiently by using                                    MS Access-ERP , a user-friendly software that is easy to use

Key modules in MS Access-ERP

Production management

Production management

Execute work orders with attached drawings, report routing cards using barcodes, tracking and load control in departments
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monitor production processes

monitor production processes

Report on work status on product status, follow up Report work processes in departments
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WMS Inventory Management

WMS Inventory Management

Advanced inventory management, process inventory, armored inventory, and logistics warehouse management
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Procurement and propriety

Procurement and propriety

Purchasing and Purchasing Management, Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt in Warehouse, and Purchasing Management from Foreign Contracting
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Customer Management

Customer Management

Monitoring customer engagements, service and regulations
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Pricing & orders

Pricing & orders

Customer bidding pricing with regard to procurement requirements and processes, creating the BOM. Tracking from the bid stage to the order confirmation
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Financial management

Financial management

Production of accounting documents, budget management, target-to-performance, cash flow, IRA link, external financial systems and payroll software
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The Internet of Things (IOT)

Connectivity to smart machines

Machine interfaces linked to MsAccess-ERP that allow direct communication with machines, and the overall management of all factory resources
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Business analytics tools and data analytics

Increasingly, business processes generate data that must be stored in large volumes of storage.
We generate valuable and useful information from our databases and make it useful to corporate stakeholders with AI + ML (machine learning + artificial intelligence) tools tailored to this purpose. This simplifies and streamlines communication between humans and machines.

Smart enterprise management platform

The dashboard. You'll be able to see the state of the business from a bird's eye view and benefit from the wisdom of the masses Learn more

AI solutions including Machine Learning, bots and UIs for smart calls and forecasts

Connecting MsAccess-ERP to social networks through bots in two-way interface between company employees, customers and service and installation department

The ability to access a public or private cloud from a desktop, tablet, laptop, or smartphone  Learn more

Access-ERP offers a variety of business management solutions

In addition to its flexibility and openness, MSAccess-ERP is ideal for organizations of all types operating in all sectors of the economy, whether they are small, medium or large. 

On the one hand, the system has a number of innovative capabilities and tools that are integrated with advanced Microsoft products, which preserve the uniqueness of the organization and its specific needs, but on the other hand, keep the dynamism and openness to absorb new technologies, synchronizing all information and creating an integrated organization.

Smart Enterprise Management Platform

Industry and Manufacturing

MsAccess-ERP assists in managing the plant and provides an optimal and flexible solution tailored to each plant's uniqueness and changing needs
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Educational Institution Management Software

Management of academic institutions

Course management, diploma administration, and order and inventory control of classroom equipment
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Modules we developed in MsAccess-ERP

Modules in Ms Access-ERP

MS Access-ERP software has modules for different occupations. Modules can be adapted to meet the changing needs of companies of all sizes and industries
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Website building, and impressive landing pages

Web Development

Build a site tailored to your business, linked to MsAccess-ERP for two-way information transfer

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We promote and improve your business management

Specialists in MS-Access software development

A complete solution for running a business or factory

Customize the software to suit your needs

Adding models to existing software