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Software house

We are a long-standing company with rich experience in developing advanced software and providing focused and efficient software development solutions that allow you to maximize your business capabilities,
The company was founded in 1991 by Yossi Tzemach – a graduate of Tadiran Communications, and a man of hardware and networks,
Iris Tzemach – programmer, and project manager, graduate of organizational behavior from Tel Aviv University.
Almog Tzemach – programmer, and lover of challenges,
The uniqueness of the company is the ability to adapt to each organization the solutions needed for its unique needs according to a unique model we have developed, adapting shelf software to the work processes in the business.
The vast knowledge accumulated over the years at work, allows us to be a customer-focused company, to understand well and quickly his needs and thereby simplify and reduce the cost of the work process for him.

Development of Microsoft Access based software

Ms-Access software, which is part of the Microsoft Office, has significant advantages that make it a great choice for businesses:

Since 1992 the year Microsoft first released MS-Access and to this day version 2022, Microsoft has been developing MS-Access with great capabilities and with a rich range of modules and full connectivity to all Microsoft products. Such as EXCEL, WORD, MSSQL POWER BI, Microsoft AI

Ms-Access is flexible to develop and available for immediate use and offers a wide range of options, fast construction of screens, forms and reports. Allows you to individually adjust the characteristics of the software to suit the unique needs of the business.
You can work in an Ms-Access database even in distributed businesses in larger businesses You can work with the MS-SQL database server
Powerful tool for data management.
MS-SQL can work with multiple users in sync.

Ms-Access has a sophisticated permissions system to protect the data in the system, and grant appropriate permissions to users.

Ms-Access The privacy and exclusivity of the data is the customer's.
Working on the Access platform enables a wide range of data management:
Work through the Internet,
Possibility to work with cloud servers in the HTML5 interface viewed from any explorer such as, CHROME,
Firefox, Microsoft Edge
And you can also work from a local computer that is not connected to the Internet.
All of these benefits make Access a flexible, efficient and developer-friendly application generator and provide Microsoft's technological security and backing over the years.

These are our principles

The business environment – dynamic and competitive has never been more complex and demanding, organizations in all sectors of the economy and decision makers are required more than ever to respond and act quickly and efficiently.
The business environment requires a quick response, and streamlining while adopting flexible business modules that allow for operating in changing market conditions.

We are committed to streamlining and saving a lot of money, by defining binding work practices, and significantly improving service.

We have set as our goal your success, understanding the needs of the business, and successful implementation of an advanced computer system while maintaining the value of the investment over time.

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