A smart-accounting system

Manage all financial aspects of your business in one place

The sales process

Ms Access-ERP centralizes all your financial transactions in one place, making financial management and invoicing easy.

Money Flow

Ms Access-ERP enables full and detailed cash flow management, including structured process management that allows close monitoring of cash flow expectations and repayment forecasting.

Financial statement generator

A financial statement generator provides an overall view of the reports, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and automatic alerts via SMS and e-mail about exceptions.

The benefits of working with Ms ACCESS-ERP, an accounting module:
Generating accounting documents in an easy and simple way that any user can perform.

Each document is chained to a previous document, so the data is automatically transferred from document to document and you do not have to retype all the details of the document each time.

View a history of accounting activity,
Sending business and accounting documents by e-mail,
Billing credit cards and standing orders to the customer,
Automatic document production model,
With interfaces to external software:

Ms Access-ERP – Cash Flow Management Module has the following advantages:
Managing the cash flow for distributed branches around the world was a challenge for the cash flow module.
This is a multi-currency system that enables you to handle all kinds of expenses and income in the business:
Costs that are fixed
and variable
Conversions of currencies
for loans and salaries
Using cash flow reports, you can look ahead and predict targets for several branches simultaneously.

________________________________________________________________________ Sales

Management of clients
and production of documents based on orders
Documents can be assigned to a branch, project, or agent
when producing foreign currency documents
documentswith a barcode scanner
Using a barcode scanner

Tax invoices are issued
upon receipt
Tax Invoices / Receipts
Invoice for transaction
relating to delivery certificates / return certificates
Payment by credit card


Management of suppliers
and preparation of procurement documents based on previous documAssigning a branch, project,
or agent procurement documentumentConfirmation of purchase invoice r payment

Creating a purchase tax invoice
for receipts of purchases
from suppliers
Quotation Requests
Purchasing Orders
Admission Certificates
Returned Purchase Certificates

____________________________________________Inventories and items

When a receipt or purchase invoice is issued, inventory entries are automatically updated.
Outages are automatically updated when issuing a delivery note or customer invoice.
Update inventory levels
with item management
and purchase price lists

_________________________________________________________Standing orders

Masab creates standing orders
using credit cards
and produces a debit report
Billing credit cards and automatically creating invoices and receipts
Periodic balance sheet reports

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