Ms Access-ERP Optimizing, planning, and controlling inventory

Organizing and maintaining order in logistics warehouses is one of the greatest challenges of managing a warehouse perfectly.
Through smart and consistent inventory management, tracking of arrivals and departures, armored inventory management, Access-ERP ensures warehouse order.
Ms Access-ERP alerts users when minimum inventory levels are deviated, and provides purchase order recommendations.


Management of warehouses for logistics

It is easy and simple to manage the inventory of logistics warehouses when each item is associated with its own warehouse. In the warehouse associated with the item, the system updates the inventory automatically during reception.


With the inventory counting module, you can do inventory counting quickly and easily with the help of terminals and scanners, enabling an accurate appraisal of the inventory's value and its quantity as of the date of the counting.

Forecasting the demand for products

Managing inventory with demand forecasting and inventory renewal can reduce production line failures due to deficiencies, improve the quality of customer service, and reduce operating expenses.

Ms Access-erp Module for managing inventory

Using the inventory management module you can keep track of each item's entry and exit from the various warehouses in your organization.
In warehouses, the items are arranged by locators to provide accurate information about their location.
Entry and transfer certificates between warehouses. Inventory management software records and reports every inventory transaction using documents such as delivery notes, return certificates, issuance certificates, and transfers between warehouses. The raw materials that are out of stock (inventory in the process) in the production process are also reported within the inventory management system until the finished product is created.
You can perform an inventory count on a particular warehouse or product group at any time and document its quantity and monetary value.
Within inventory management software, all inventory counts are stored in a historical file, so you can compare them over time and see how inventory has changed over time.
Display of the inventory count

Management of inventories - complete statistical information

With inventory management software, it is possible to statistically analyze on the basis of this data the use of certain raw materials in some cases and set a minimum stock level to avoid situations where production cannot proceed due to shortages of raw materials.
The inventory management module also provides recommendations for ordering raw materials based on historical consumption data.
Information about armored inventory is also stored in the inventory management module as a result of a confirmation from the customer, inventory on the way due to a purchase order, and defective inventory or dead inventory – products that have not been used for more than 3 months or another time period.
Inventory Freeze – Inventory management software allows you to take a snapshot of existing inventory at a given moment and save it.
In the reports, inventory movements are tracked, showing whether they were created as a result of warehouse transfers, whether they occurred during production and, if so, in which department, or whether they occurred during purchase.
Any movement of inventory – its monetary value is also stored within the inventory management software at the time.

Quantities of inventory in the warehouse

Management of inventory - control of work orders and purchasing

MRP stands for Material Requirements Planning.
The MRP module provides high-level inventory management control regarding production.
Procurement, marketing, inventory control, and work order creation.
A production and procurement plan enables inventory reduction and optimal utilization of production and manpower resources in changing circumstances.
In the Inventory Management module, based on order entries, the system calculates average usage of raw materials from finished products, gives recommendations for raw material orders based on minimum inventory, purchase orders made, and existing inventory.
Inventory management modules help find the balance between holding excess and unnecessary inventory, as well as a lack of inventory that harms production and production plans while meeting operational requirements.

Report on recommendations for ordering raw materials

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