Customer relationship management and sales CRM

ms access-erp offers system users the benefit of full customer lifecycle management: from leads to leads, editing quotes and sales orders, delivery, and payment; and further handling of service calls and repeat orders.

Managing customer cards

Information about customers, tasks, sales opportunities, quotes, order history, shipments, invoices, payments, charges, and debt collection

Control of sales targets versus execution

Determining sales targets for agents at the personal and regional levels and checking their achievement against the actual sales.

Service and installations

When the customer orders, the order enters the warranty period. If the product needs to be repaired, a service call is opened and the order is examined to determine whether it is part of the service standard or must be paid for.

CRM system - customer relationship management

Ms Access-ERP\CRM – Customer relationship management – The management of relationships between a company and its customers in order to keep existing clients, increase the volume of business they do with them, and to help them be a more successful company.

An integrated CRM system combines operations to acquire customers (receiving leads, databases, target and execution modules), maintaining existing customers (service module, email and SMS mailing lists to update promotions) and receiving new customers with reference to the customer's source of arrival (radio advertisements, Internet TV, etc.).

A member who brings another member Each of these lists is associated with a source of arrival, and the customer can be assigned to the appropriate marketing personnel so that, if he enters a CRM system, he is assigned to the appropriate marketing personnel.

Marketers get the lists that suit them. Once the transaction is closed, the customer is automatically transferred to the ordering department for the purpose of completing the transaction, and when the shipment is completed, the customer receives an SMS informing them of the date when the product will arrive.

CRM systems include a report generator thatallows you to assess statistically where you should invest your marketing resources.

Through tracking reports, you can improve and streamline sales.

 Statistical analysis and troubleshooting give the customer a sense that the system is handling them well. Challenge software CRM systems are characterized by the ability to adapt sales processes to the type of product or service the business offers

The pool of interested parties within the customer management system contains the future customers of the company. 

Through proper management of the pool of interested parties, the company can accomplish two main goals:

  1. Increasing sales success rates.
  2. Turning the pool of potential customers back into customers by reordering.

The database of those interested in the CRM system is compiled by a variety of sources, such as exhibitions, press, online sales sites, advertising, telemarketing, email, and more. Comparatively speaking.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system based on the concentration and documentation of all information about the customer and any contact made by the customer with the organization and any communication from the organization to the customer in all departments of the organization, thus creating a uniform database of comprehensive and up-to-date information about the customer.


Additionally, the database allows the analysis of the data and the comparison of the sales targets assigned to the actual execution.

CRM system's Target vs. Performance module allows learning to draw conclusions for improving sales performance.


CRM - Referral to a sales representative

A quick transfer of the interested party's details to the sales representative, wherever he is, the sales representative will be notified of the receipt of a new interested party for treatment by SMS or by email.

Getting inquiries from landing pages for challenging software - business management software

אתגרית תוכנה לניהול עסק - הודעות מהאתר

Messages from the site that identify the customer

Fill out the form on the site to leave your details

Sales meeting using CRM system

Through meeting log management, task management, and follow-up, the sales process will include documenting the relationship with the interested party, assessing the meeting results, selecting suitable products for the customer, quoting, and tracking the customer.

Customer relationship management system - quotation

The sales representative will report on the meeting's outcomes and schedule the next call with the customer for follow-up. The CRM system has a call tracking feature that allows all employees and representatives of the organization to track all actions taken in relation to the interested party, and provides an instant and quick picture of the situation.

CRM - order management

The customer status in the CRM system changes from interested to ordering after customer approval, and the order automatically moves to the ordering department. The customer's entire sales history is saved on their card.

Coordinating and delivering products to customers - CRM system

The delivery of the product to the customer is coordinated via a work screen within the CRM system, which centralizes all customers according to a cluster of cities, delivery dates and other parameters, and by sending an SMS, the customer receives notification of receipt of the product, and if necessary, action is taken as soon as the delivery is completed.

CRM - the accounting system

Tax invoices, transaction invoices, receipts, invoices, and customer deposits in accordance with income tax regulations. Automatic receipts/invoices generated at the time of payment (payment in deferred bags).

This is the customer's link to the automatic billing interface for fixed monthly billing and/or payments.
An interface for a company that charges credit cards automatically. For automatic debits in standing orders at the bank, interface to Masab – (Bank Clearing Center).
Reception of payments via check with a check of limited accounts at Bank of Israel in real time (via the Internet).

The CRM system is used to manage customer service and installations

The CRM system opens a service card that is automatically sent for treatment if the fault is documented. A service order is opened for the customer if necessary. Depending on the warranty period for the product, it is determined whether the customer is obligated to pay or whether the order is still within the warranty period. After the status of the product allows coordination, i.e. after it has passed the production stage, coordinate with the customer when the installer will arrive. An SMS reminder will be sent to the customer upon the installer's arrival. Are additional arrivals required, and did any glitches occur during the installation that necessitate opening a repair or service report. By documenting and following the entire bidding process until installation, it is possible to keep in touch with the customer and encourage him to become a repeat buyer.

Renewal of subscriptions / retention of customers in CRM

Sending air-conditioned letters by e-mail or fax is one method of keeping in touch with customers via a CRM system. Announcing an upcoming exhibition, updating existing promotions, and developing new products for the company. Keeping in touch with existing customers is important.
There is an element of subscription renewal in subscription systems, and notice at the right time can extend the relationship with the subscriber.

CRM system - for managing subscriptions

Management of subscriber CRM systems, including databases of potential customers for marketing and telemarketing. Managing subscription history: Innovations, cancellations, and freezes. Air-conditioned mailing with an e-mail database for sending WORD letters. A link to the automatic billing interface for fixed monthly billing and / or payments. During the subscription period, tax invoices, transaction invoices, receipts, credit memos, and customer deposits in accordance with income tax regulations may be generated.

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