:Institutional management software

The software includes the following features:
Managing and controlling courses in educational institutions, assigning courses and lecturers to classrooms, ordering equipment for courses, and maintaining the inventory levels of the necessary equipment.
It is the responsibility of the Budget Management Module for Educational Institutions to handle the control and monitoring of budget items within each institution according to study periods. In comparison to the amount of budget allocated for a school year, what is actually reserved from the budget as opposed to what is allocated for a school year.
In the case of universities, faculties with a diploma of a European diploma: they will be able to manage and monitor the process of obtaining a European diploma by providing and receiving the required reports.

For ordering laboratory equipment (for experiments / demonstrations)

ניהול מלאי למעבדות מחקר
The laboratory equipment ordering module is intended for lecturers or teachers who need to order laboratory equipment in order to conduct experiments or demonstrations in the laboratory.
  By filling out the requirements in this module, they specify the course, class date, and time, as well as the equipment that needs to be brought to the class. The system generates an alert if there is an overlap between orders or if there is a shortage of inventory if it detects that. According to the lecturer's request, labornet is required to send an email to the lecturer in order to inform the lecturer about the status of the order,
 Confirmation of an order or explanations as to why an order was delayed.

:Certificate of issuance (interface for burners)

On a daily basis, the lab / teacher control module assists the laboratory / teacher manager by viewing all requirements entered on a given date, viewing stock quantities available in the warehouse at the time of issue, as well as if there are any overlapping orders or stock shortages that prevent the equipment from being issued.
As soon as the lab manager / teacher checks the availability of the equipment, he or she informs the lecturer via email whether or not the order has been confirmed or delayed and the reason for the delay.

:Budget management for educational institutions

In the beginning of each school year, we determine the budget items for the budget and the amounts that will be allocated to each item.

With the approval of the authorized signatories of the purchase orders, the armor section has been updated. The budget item code is defined in each purchase order, including a check that deviates from the budget.
An order must be confirmed by hierarchy and positions listed as authorized signatories on each purchase order.
The authorized signatories receive the backlog of purchase orders which require approval, and once the budget items are approved, they are automatically updated in the Armor section.

After an order is confirmed, the purchase order is sent to the supplier, and upon receipt of the goods, an absorption certificate is sent to the system to update the inventory.

Execution clauses are updated upon payment to the supplier following receipt of the invoice and transfer to the debit at the bank

ניהול מלאי מבחנות
Modules that can be used in educational institutions to manage inventory, such as barcode inventory counting.
Reports of inventory value (monetary and quantitative)
Minimum stock / order point items
Trends among consumers based on experiment / user / item / product
List of requirements for issuance in experimental cross-sections / cross-delivery dates
Dates can be cut flexibly
Opening equipment fault cards with the MRB module:
It is mandatory to attach a barcode sticker with the serial number to each piece of equipment.
Upon spotting a malfunction in the system, the barcode is scanned and a malfunction card is opened.
The fault card specifies the problem as well as transfers the equipment to the defective warehouse. When the equipment has been sent for repair, if it is in good condition, it is returned to the main warehouse or it is scrapped, and then it is moved to the unusable equipment warehouse.

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