Internet of Things (IOT)

Factory management module includes a variety of machine interfaces that communicate with the machines for real-time information

contact to machines

Obtain information on quantity of parts manufactured, defective parts, and downtime.

Attendance control

Receive entry and exit information using the attendance clock interface.

Automatic equipment control

Regular periodic inspections to confirm the integrity of the equipment.

Internet of things - IOT

The Internet of Things – is actually the nickname that describes our ability to communicate with the objects around us – thanks to being connected to the Internet.
Communication with smart products and machines – A significant part of the digital revolution is the change that products undergo that include a built-in computer that allows "machine speech" with computer systems.

With the plant management module that includes a variety of machine interfaces talk to the machines for real-time information as well as transmit data to the machines.

Internet of Things

Communication to machines

The modern manufacturing industry is one of the most active sectors in terms of automation. If we go back in history, we will find that the production line operated with the help of machines.

The production lines are mechanized by systematically set up machines. Machines can work without human interruption if they are well-designed and well-programmed

Manufacturing companies, spend a lot of resources on manual data input, fed by the operator of the machine, which also has many other functions so the updated results in the system are inaccurate and not in real time,

With the help of an interface for machines, they can reduce costs by more than 50% and the results are accurate and in real time. And saves a lot of time for the machine operator.

Interface to machines for the purpose of collecting information and transmitting commands to machines, the data is streamed to msaccess-erp for the purpose of evaluating outputs and efficiency, obtaining machine downtime and reasons for downtime.

With the help of the interfaces it is possible to know if a machine is malfunctioning and working at a lack of output. And the machine can be repaired long before there is a complete shutdown.

Attendance control

Attendance clock interface using a variety of controllers, magnetic cards, RFID, face recognition cameras, etc. All data is stored in a database with sending alerts via SMS and e-mail in accordance with the parameters defined in the system.

Fingerprint scanner
Identification of vehicle numbers

Automated testing systems for equipment

Interface for automatic inspection of equipment at predetermined times for the purpose of checking integrity. The devices are connected to the system, using a controller and appropriate sensors – Challenge flows instructions to controllers that run tests on the devices. The data is stored in a database and reported through reports if the devices meet standard requirements. If there is a fault in one of the devices being tested, the system issues an alert with the fault report to the technicians for repairing the device.

Test screen
Graph of results
test results

unique Hardware development linked to databases

Solutions Our hardware is tailored to the needs of any company that needs to collect data or stream commands to the machine. The devices can be used in manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, healthcare and many other industries.
The Hardware development is made on Arduino controllers, which are easy to adjust to a wide variety of solutions.
Arduino is a single-board microcontroller microcontroller in an open source licensed work environment that integrates well with a wide range of electronic components.

Converting analog data to digital, and data analysis

Convert sources of noise, heat, and vibration – to digital data

Saving the database in a SQL database

Data analysis, data for fault detection in machines and mechanical installations

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