Using Microsoft-Power-BI for intelligent data analysis and presenting data in a graphical and user-friendly manner

Business management software, Ms Access-ERP, provides a convenient interface for connecting to Microsoft-Power-BI software for displaying data using dashboards and interrogation screens. 
A comprehensive view of sales, service, and installations, at the factory level, at stock levels, in each division, is provided by the generator
In each department as well.
BI screens are easy to use and everyone can customize their own workspace.
BI generators allow for real-time, clear, and simple decision-making.
BI generator – is another tool for analyzing and understanding data in modules in the challenge software.
BI generators help managers make decisions easily and quickly by identifying trends, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency in the organization.


The BI-Business Intelligence module is linked to the Ms Access-ERP software and enables data analysis. Interactive visual illustrations and self-service capabilities of the information are provided.
 Using this system, end users can create reports and dashboards themselves, which will be automatically updated, without relying on an IT team or database manager.

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