Monitoring and reporting production processes

A report on product status is delivered to the workstation, followed by a report on departmental work processes

Analyze production processes

Reporting the product status, start time and completion of the process at the workstation by scanning a barcode from the routing cards.

Control of production processes

Report control, real-time display of product status at each workstation, and load control at workstations.

Controlling quality

Upon completing production processes, the product is subjected to a quality assurance audit. Only after this department verifies that the item is in order can it be sent to the customer.

Analyze production processes

The routing card was printed and sent to production. This is when monitoring begins of the production process when each workstation reports in real time the start and end times of the whole process. During reporting, production times are also recorded for comparison with a standard and for testing against those who meet the standard. Outdoor-worked products are also reported, and if the product is received in the warehouse from the supplier, it updates the status of the product returned from outdoor work, and the process continues until the final step – packaging. There is a control at the time of reporting to ensure that indeed the processes are recorded in the order set so that each product can be seen in real time what its status is and where it is located.

The report screen

Control of the production process

As the workstations report production processes, data is collected on the total quantity produced at each station, the product status, the total hours worked at each station, and an estimation of workloads at any given point in time. After a product has completed its final process, it is subjected to quality assurance.

Report view

Controlling quality

After completion of the production process, the product has undergone a quality assurance audit.
Check if the item is correct and update its status to GOOGS
When the item is under inspection, the status is updated to HOLD.
The item's status is updated to REJECT if a defect is found, and the reason for disqualification is reported.
An order is also given here to return to the supplier, or to transfer production of a product that was returned from the customer for repair with the essence of the repair.
If the item is completely disqualified, it is transported to a warehouse for extermination.
Valid products are also given expiration dates in this department.

Report on audit

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