Pricing and ordering

Create the BOM for the customer based on the procurement requirements and processes. Manage the order process from quotation to confirmation.


As soon as a customer requests a quote, the connection begins, with the first step in pricing being the creation of a BOM

Materials and processes pricing

You can estimate the required materials and processes in each item in the BOM based on estimated working hours once the BOM has been created.

Controlling quotes and orders

A quotation is produced and sent to the customer at the end of the pricing phase. After that, the follow-up process begins until the customer approves and moves forward with the order.

BOM - Bill of materials

First step in pricing: Creating a list of raw materials, subassemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts, and the quantities of each required to manufacture the finished product.

The BOM is also displayed as a graphic product tree, on which the routing cards for production are generated as well as the list of defined processes and purchase items.

There are levels and sub-levels in the tree, with the finished product appearing above and below each of the boys and each of its tree members.

Each member of a tree can be either a whole or a part of an assembly.

For each item in the tree, there is a list of processes or purchases required for its production.

Having all of this information is very important for pricing and proceeding to the next step of determining working hours for each process and procuring the items needed for production.

Following the pricing, the working hours defined in the pricing will be used for statistics and comparisons with the reporting times, for production control, and for checking compliance with the standard times.

The product tree defined during the pricing stage can also be used during the ordering stage, which will save a lot of time in re-establishing the entire process.

From the pricing department, the ordering department receives all the information and only verifies the accuracy of the information.

The product tree

Materials and processes pricing

As soon as we have a BOM, we can start pricing each item in the product tree: the purchase items needed for production are defined, the processes the item has to go through in the production line, internal organizational processes, and external processes are defined. Following the definition of the processes there is a standard for the production of each process, and then there is an estimate of time for production that is compared to the actual time needed to produce each item, and the timeliness is set according to the standard.

תמחור תהליכים3
Pricing of processing and raw materials

Controlling quotes and orders

The end of the pricing phase is defined by the definition of the profit percentage and the summation of costs for all the pricing components: HG and working time. Indirect and direct costs, shipping, etc. are added to these costs. After the quotation is sent to the customer, the follow-up phase begins until the quotation for the order is approved and changed.

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Keeping track of bids

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