Purchasing and inventory management

Management of procurement requirements, obtaining quotes from suppliers, writing a purchase order, and tracking delivery until the goods are received in the warehouse.

Purchase Requirements Control

Procurement requirements come from an internal organization, from the inventory management system, from the production line, or from the need to retain inventory. Requirements must be centralized and converted to purchase orders.

Purchase order control

After a purchase order is produced and even before it is sent to the supplier, the order should go through a signature authorization certificate, which is conditional on the order amount. After the confirmation and sending to the supplier, delivery tracking begins until the goods are received at the warehouse.

Supply control

A purchase order was sent to a supplier who committed to a delivery date. Delivery tracking helps in receiving the product on time and receiving it in the warehouse.

Control of Purchase Requirements

The procurement requirements come from different departments in the organization:
In order to prevent shortages in stock which will delay production, the production manager sends an internal order to the purchasing department at his discretion.
A requirement that comes from the production line – with the printing of the routing cards, which also contain a list of the necessary purchase items. He checks the inventory levels, if the inventory levels are normal – an issuance operation, if a sender's purchase requisitions are missing.
After receiving a notification of deficiencies from the inventory management system, a requirement arises.

A requirement for internal procurement

Control of purchases

There has been a purchase order generated, but some amounts need to be approved by authorized signatories.
Only after the Purchasing Department has sent the order to the authorized signatories and they have confirmed or rejected it is the order sent to the supplier.
An order for raw materials can be a purchase order from a foreign contractor, or an order for external works from a subcontractor.
We make sure that the products arrive at the warehouse on time by tracking the delivery from the supplier.
Production order purchase

Control of supplies

The delivery control process consists of producing follow-up reports to ensure that the products are delivered as promised by the supplier. In cases of deviations from the delivery date, the reports are automatically sent by email to key people within the organization. The goods are absorbed through the production of a receipt that updates the status of the products and the quantity received. After receiving the delivery note from the supplier, and upon receiving the tax invoice, the system can also compare the amounts to the amounts in the order and approve the tax invoice for payment in a quick and simple way if all the data already exists in the system.

Tracking report for deliveries

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