The 6 steps to customizing Ms Access-ERP for your business

Adapting an ERP system to a company's needs

Analyzing information systems :

Introducing a new system to a business is always a challenge. You should try to adapt the system to the way the business works rather than trying to adapt the system to the way the business thinks. Almost all companies have common needs, and we believe in helping companies find simple solutions that meet those needs.
It is important to adopt a mindset that focuses on adapting software to the company culture, rather than trying to adapt how the software works to the business users.

The key to success :

The key to successful introduction of business management software is proper characterization of needs; system characterization will not only give you a roadmap of how your system will look and operate, but will also give you insights on how to make your company more successful. This information can then be used when implementing the software in the business!
In order to better understand the system and its features, characterization identifies what the system does and how it works.
What does the software do? What type of data does it process? – What are the goals for the system? – Who are the end users of the system? Which tools do they use? What are the most popular features?

Design the software and adapt it to the organization :

Ms Access-ERP software – there are many different information systems that have been developed in the last 25 years for a variety of industry organizations in Israel and abroad.
As a business grows, so must its software. A customized system gives you a competitive advantage.
As a result, the organization will never have to worry about their system becoming outdated and being left behind. As a result, your team will have access to the latest features and updates, so you stay on top of design and software customization.
Customizing the system to the customer's needs makes it an exclusive tool. What are the results? Software customized to the customer's needs.


Adapt the software to your organization by designing it :

1 – Abstraction – Concentration Displays the amount of information so that the user can deal with only the information that is relevant to him, in a windowed environment and in switching between tabs and windows.
2 Ms Access-ERP is modular, so you can purchase some of the existing modules and add more modules later on.
3 Software design – The software structure is determined by the variety of modules in the software and the organization's needs.
4 Data structure – the logical and functional organization of data. Data optimization in multiuser systems.
5 Permissions – Giving permissions to users of the different objects within the software to view, update, and delete data.

Characterization of the ERP system as a means of coordinating expectations and understandings during its implementation :

For an industrial plant or organization with many departments, each having its own set of professionals and machines, each performing a different action, whether it is an end-product, a product to the customer or part of the production chain, it is important to provide everyone with a 360-degree view of the business. For the entire plant, it is important to adjust the orders from suppliers according to production progress, for example: parts required for the start of production will be ordered from various suppliers, and materials for finishing the product from a different supplier.

A computer system characterization document contains all the information about these expectations, so the customer knows exactly what to expect.
In order to coordinate expectations and understandings, it is important to characterize computerized systems in advance.
A computer system's characteristics are important because they serve as a basis for understanding and establishing agreements between the supplier and the customer.
A system should be characterized before implementation, so that all expectations and understandings are clear.
To reduce potential misunderstandings, familiarize yourself with your computer systems before you apply.

Here's how you do it:

Our company offers fast and flexible programming solutions for existing information systems.
Programming solutions require expertise in many areas, including application, algorithmics, and logic.
maintenance :
After the development of a software application is complete, and after its implementation in the field, software maintenance is performed. Maintenance of software involves preventing ongoing glitches, training new users, adding new modules, and eventually updating the system.


We provide enterprise solutions and answer difficult questions:

We offer a variety of solutions to help businesses solve their management challenges at reasonable rates. These solutions are the perfect resource for business success.
We offer solutions that can help you build a better business, process, data, or IT infrastructure using the latest technYou can focus on what matters by letting us make your work more efficient. matters.
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